Adhesives (glue & tape)

Medically Safe Adhesives 

Below are proven medically safe adhesives there were developed for the application of lace wigs, hair pieces and toupees.
 Studies have proven that they are not harmful to the skin or body and are medically safe for pregnant women, children and the environment. However, although they have manufactured for safe administration, every individual skin is different. Therefore, we recommended that you test ANY adhesive on your skin for a period of 24 hours to ensure that you're not allergic to the product or any of the ingredients used to manufacture it. 

 Feel free to contact us if you require further clarification.

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SKU11 Knot My Problem
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SKU15 Lace Wig Serum
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SKU72 Lace Front Wig Application Kit
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SKU73 Full Lace Wig Application Kit
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SKU434 Stop-Shine-Dab
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SKU442 Walker-tape-1.4oz-Ultra-Hold-With-Brush
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SKU443 Walker-Tape-Citrus-Ultra-Hold-Remover-4oz
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SKU444 Walker-Tape-Skin-Protector-Spray-2oz
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SKU456 Kapenzo Hair Systems Catalogue
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10000000622 Velvet-Wig-Bands Only 10 left in stock
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SKU16 TRUE-BLUE Lace Tape: 3/4" X 12 yards
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