Tips for Coloring Wigs

Is European Hair a good material to dye?
European hair wigs are made of 100% quality European donor hair. This means that they have little to no processing and that the hair has not been bleached or colored. Quality European hair takes color very easily and quickly as a result. We recommend using a 40 volume when lifting any color on this type of hair. You may also try a high lift dye that does not contain bleach, but only do so if you have prior experience.  
What is the best brand of hair color products to treat Kapenzo™ Hair wigs with?
At Kapenzo™Hair we typically use Wella brand products to color our wigs. This is a great, affordable option for your stylist.  
Is there anything to keep in mind when choosing a hair color dye?
We recommend being cautious when choosing brown tones for your wig. For example, a color 3 when applied on a light brown hair wig, can turn into a jet-black color rather quickly. Colors 4, 5 and 7 typically produce nice brown colors, but there have been occasions where color 5 has produced a red undertone when applied on the wig. Your stylist may want to perform a patch test first to see how the color will take to the wig before applying it all over.  
What happens if the wig cap gets color on it?
We recommend trying to avoid getting color directly on the wig cap, and to use Vaseline on the scalp as an extra precaution. It is totally fine if the fabric inside the cap is tinted from the new dye, but the scalp portion on top of the wig should easily wash off.  
Can I apply heat to my new wig?
Blow drying and applying heat is perfectly fine, although we highly recommend allowing the hair to air dry if you can.  
What other tips should I keep in mind when coloring my wig?

  • Always apply a conditioning treatment and a good aftercare moisturizer following the dye process.
  • Do not be aggressive or rough with the wig when combing through it, especially while it is wet. This can cause excess shedding and hair loss from the wig.
  • Do not leave the wig bunched up while wet or let it soak in water for long periods of time. This can cause it to tangle. Always lay the wig flat.
  • Mild shedding is perfectly normal, particularly when the wig is wet and has been colored. 

For more tips on how to care for, style, and maintain your wig, or to book your complimentary consultation with us, contact Kapenzo™Hair at 1-888-875-9899 or visit The Lace Wigs Store website.