Kosher Jewish Wigs

Jewish Sheitels and Kosher Virgin Hair Wigs

There was once a time when the sole purpose for a wig was to cover hair loss. Today, wigs have become more than just a solution for this. As a way of altering one's appearance or to satisfy religious beliefs, Jewish-Kosher wigs are one of the most popular choices for natural hair wigs on the market.  
Originating from Jewish faith, Kosher hair wigs were initially created for Orthodox women to use as a symbol of marriage. These wigs are often referred to as “Sheitels”. Under Jewish law (halakha), Orthodox women are encouraged to cover their hair with Sheitels as a means of indicating to others that they are married. Within the Talmud teaching, covering a woman’s hair solidifies her modesty.  

Drawing from this belief, the market for Kosher wigs has rapidly expanded over the years. Kosher wigs are one of the finest natural hair systems available, and they are often purchased because of how natural and realistic they appear.  
What makes a wig Kosher?
A wig that is labeled Kosher indicates that it meets the requirements of the Jewish law, halakha. This law states that men and women can only wear wigs that are made from 100% virgin European human hair with intact cuticles. This type of hair is the highest grade of human hair available for wig and hair systems, since it looks the most natural and has not undergone any chemical processing.  
What are the benefits of Kosher Wigs?  
When you wear a wig, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not others can tell it is really a wig. Kosher wigs, often referred to as Sheitels, are made of 100% natural, virgin hair that has been sourced from a donor of European, Mongolian, or Brazilian descent. These wigs are by far some of the most natural looking hair systems available for purchase. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, and they offer a smooth, strong, and silky look.  

Jewish sheitels and kosher wigs can last anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on the type of usage it endures and whether or not it has been cared for properly. Since they are sourced from 100% virgin hair, they can be styled, colored, and altered in a number of ways. They are also incredibly durable and easy to maintain, so you can feel confident in your purchase.  

Sheitels and Kosher wigs undergo a strict development process to ensure they do not contain any Indian or Chinese hair. This often increases the price of these wigs, as they are rather expensive to source. You can expect Sheitels and Kosher wigs to start at an approximate price of $2000, and increase depending on the length of the hair and your personal preferences.  
Do you have to be Jewish to wear a Kosher wig?
While the initial demand for Sheitels and Kosher wigs stems from religious purposes, these natural hair wigs can be worn by everyone. Since they have an undetectably natural look and feel, these wigs are a great investment for women experiencing different forms of hair loss, such as alopecia or as a result of chemotherapy.  

As a hair loss solution or for religious reasons, at Kapenzo™ Hair, we want to ensure that you always find the perfect hair system to meet your needs. We offer an abundance of different Sheitels and Kosher wigs that can be customized to your perfection, because we believe in investing in yourself through reputable, high quality products.  
Where should I purchase a Sheitel or Kosher Wig?
Due to the variations in quality of Kosher wigs, it is important to purchase your hair system from a professional retailer. Kapenzo™ Hair boutique and The Lace Wigs Store website offer an exceptional array of Sheitels and Kosher Wigs that are sure to exceed your expectations.
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