Silicone Grade Medical Lace Wigs

There are a number of reasons as to why someone might seek out a natural high-quality wig or custom hair system. One of our biggest groups of clients that we serve are those interested in purchasing wigs as a result of a medical condition. For some of these clients, the process of choosing a wig can be an emotional and difficult experience. This is why, at Kapenzo™ Hair, we ensure to provide a variety of options for medical wigs to choose from, as well as an abundance of information to help you make the decision you are most comfortable with.  
One of our popular medical hair systems is made from silicone, and it’s a great option to consider, as it can be worn by anybody with or without hair.  
Silicone medical grade lace uses the finest quality materials to create an undetectably natural looking head of hair. Since the base material along the perimeter of the wig is made of a silicone material, the wig acts as a suction cup around the front hairline and scalp effortlessly. It does not require any form of glue or adhesive to stay put, nor does it use any clips or combs that could be damaging to natural hair or irritating on the scalp. The silicone cap sits flat against your head so that it is always free from air bubbles and will never curl at the edges, and since it doesn’t require any glue, you will never have to worry about glue melting. This wig also fits a wide variety of head shapes and sizes, since it has an impressive stretch capacity.  
Many silicone wigs on the market feel very thick and uncomfortable. Kapenzo™ Hair’s silicone wigs, however, feature moisture-wicking technology to ensure it always feels comfortable and breathable for you. What we love most about this wig is that it always stays in place. You can shower, sleep, swim, and engage in high intensity activities, without ever having to worry about it falling off. It’s even rollercoaster proof!
These units are a great option to wear year-round, as they are very lightweight and hypoallergenic. Since they’re low-maintenance and very versatile, these wigs are a great investment to make. You can expect a silicone wig to last roughly 2 years, depending on how well the wig is cared for.
This wig is also one of the best options for individuals with alopecia or cancer. It is non-irritating to sensitive scalps and it’s very easy to put on and remove. In addition, our silicone wigs are developed from top quality virgin hair that is typically of European descent, therefore, they have a high probability of longevity.  
Silicone wigs require a highly skilled technician and approximately two years to develop, which is why they can be viewed as more of an investment piece. Since they are not widely available, the quality and longevity of these products can vary considerably. We recommend choosing a well-established and trustworthy company such as Kapenzo™ Hair and The Lace Wigs Store, if you are looking to purchase a high-quality silicone wig.  
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