Why should I purchase a lace wig?

There is no way you can quickly improve your looks more than with a lace wig! Look at the celebrities of today; many of them like Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Kelly, Ciara, Halle, Jada and Trina, wear lace wigs, with which they can not only have the most incredibly beautiful hair, but they can also change their style whenever they want. Furthermore; a lace wig is easy to apply and very light to wear. All of our lace wigs are handmade to perfection from the finest quality Remy and Virgin hair.

What is Indian Remy?

Indian Remy is one of the 100% premium top quality human hair types on the market.

I wish to purchase a lace wig but I am afraid I cannot apply it. What should I do?

Please follow our detailed step by step guide for applying the hair that you will receive with your order. Once you purchase from us, you will also receive access to an online instruction video. It is quite simple to apply the wigs, but the first few times it could take a little getting used to before you get it right. Remember that even if it does not turn out perfectly the first time, you can always reapply it. If you are still not confident, you should consider obtaining assistance from a friend or professional.

How long can a lace wig last?

If properly treated; our lace wigs can last several months – even up to a year. Remember that heat is hairs worst enemy, so if you blow dry or straighten the hair all the time, it will reduce the lifetime. 

We strongly recommend that you use our silicone hair serum to maintain the hair. It is unmatched in reducing frizz and this way you will be able brush the hair much more easily, reducing strain on the lace cap while also reducing the need for straightening. Our silicone hair serum even reduces static electricity and keeps your hair looking full, thick and shiny, even in those dry winters.

As for the lace cap itself, the lifespan depends on how often you remove and reapply the hair. The biggest strain on the lace cap is when you remove the adhesive, so make sure you are as careful as possible. As something quite unique in the business, we can also offer to have your lace wig repaired at a much lower cost than that of a new full lace wig, with the same result. If you have two or three lace wigs, you can have them repaired consistently, which will maintain the look, style and density at an affordable cost.

Can I style the lace wig like a normal hair?

Yes, we only sell premium quality human hair that can be styled just like any other. You can curl, straighten, dye or style the hair in any way you wish; exactly like your own hair. Just remember that any styling, applying chemicals, or using heat on the hair will reduce its lifespan.

Can I provide you with celebrity photos in order to show style I want?

Yes, we can manufacture a lace wig similar to that of your preferred celebrity hair style. The final styling however, may be up to you.

What is the difference between a French lace cap and a Swiss lace cap?

Both French lace caps and Swiss lace caps look great and very natural but depending on your hair style, the Swiss lace cap is a little less detectable. It is also much more fragile than the French lace cap and may not last as long. A tear in the lace cap may be the end of your full lace wig. If you are already familiar with the French lace cap and have no problems with the durability you can try to switch to the Swiss lace cap but for beginners we don’t recommend it.

How do I remove the wig again?

It is quite simple to remove the hair but you need to apply a solvent for some minutes before it will start to give. After you have loosened the entire lace cap you just need to remove any remaining adhesive from your head and the cap and then reapply it. Although we recommend that you wash it prior to reapplying.

What do I do with my own hair?

You can simply wrap or braid your hair. You only need to fit is as tight over your head as possible so the cap can fit over it.

Can I play sports or swim with a lace front wig?

Yes you can play sports and swim with your lace front wig. If you sweat heavily, you may have to touch it up more frequently; however you should avoid heavy sweating for the first 24 hours after you apply the hair, in order to ensure that the adhesive is completely dry. Once you have allowed the application of your full lace wig or lace front wig to dry for 24 hours, you may now go swimming with it. Although it's not necessary, we recommend that you use a swim cap over your hair/wig for added protection against environmental damage.

What should I use to apply the wig?

There are many types of adhesives that you can purchase to apply the lace wigs, from different strengths of glue to tape. It all depends on your skin sensitivity.

What is the delivery time?

In stock orders to Canada take about 2-4 business days,  5-7 business days to the United States, and 7-14 business days internationally. Custom orders can take anywhere from 8-16 weeks to develop, but you should receive your order within a week once shipped.

What is the difference between ready to ship and regular stock?

Ready to ship stock means that your order can be shipped out immediately. Regular stock means that the order will take up to 2 days to process and ship out.

What is the difference between in stock and custom lace wigs?

In stock orders are units that are located at the store and can be either picked up or shipped the same day or within 48 hours. However, generally it is shipped on the same day as it was bought. 

Custom order lace front wigs or full lace wigs are wigs that are developed from scratch to fit your specifications such as cap size, hair length, hair color and so forth. Generally, they are developed in 8-16 weeks but some can be deemed a "rush order" and developed in as little as 3 weeks.

What is a full lace wig?

A full lace wig is a lace unit developed entirely from lace and provides you with limitless style versatility, such as up-dos, bangs, layers, curls and more! We have a selection of affordable full lace wigs in a variety of hair length, colors, and textures.

What is the difference between light yaki and yaki hair texture?

The texture yaki, refers to African American hair texture. Light yaki appears as though your hair has been freshly permed, where its not silky nor is it coarse. Yaki is as though your hair has been permed a month ago and then flat ironed, making it appear more coarse. Light yaki is easier to maintain, whereby yaki requires more time and patience, and due to the texture, it also tends to shed more easily.

What do I do with the extra lace on the wig?

The excess lace on your lace wig needs to be gently snipped off with a pair of small scissors. You should cut up to the hairline of your unit but ensure not to cut into the baby hairs or where the hair is present; otherwise your unit will begin to either shed or tear.

Do I need to use a wig cap?

You do not necessarily have to use a wig cap before wearing your unit. The use of the wig cap is simply to either remove your hair out of the way when applying adhesive to protect your hairline, or to provide a uniform base color under the wig, so that it appears similar to your skin ton.  The lace wig accessories chosen are based on your personal preferences.

Will my complexion match the lace color?

Generally speaking, 8 out of 10 times your complexion will match the appropriate lace color. If you are fair to medium tan,  you can use a transparent or light brown lace color. Someone with the same complexion can even get away with using the medium brown lace color. If you have a light brown to caramel complexion, you can pretty much get away with using the light brown and medium brown lace color. If you have a brown to chocolate complexion, then the medium brown color would suit you best. Lastly, if you have a dark chocolate complexion, the dark brown lace color is the best option for you.