Blonde Wigs

For natural blondes or for those who want to change their hair color to something lighter, blonde wigs can be a great option.
Only 2% of the world’s population is naturally blonde, which has made this hair color a coveted choice. There is also a set of characteristics or attitudes that are typically associated with blonde hair and this can sometimes be a driving factor for individuals wanting to go blonde.
Just as it can be expensive to dye natural hair blonde, blonde wigs are often tied to a higher price tag than brunette or dark hair. This is because blonde human hair wigs are incredibly difficult to source. There are simply not enough natural blondes that are willing to cut their hair and donate it. Therefore, the majority of blonde wigs available on the market have gone through a process of decolorization.
Decolorization is a lightening process that alters hair pigmentation. This process removes the pigments responsible for conferring color, often through the use of chemicals such as peroxide. These chemicals penetrate the hair structure and gradually remove melanin and pigments, leaving the hair with a yellowish hue. By treating hair through this method, the hair becomes extremely porous which facilitates the absorption of dyes and products that it comes into contact with. This makes it possible to dye the hair to any desired shade. It is worth noting that decolorization is a sensitive process that must be done correctly to ensure the hair is not damaged. If hair is bleached or decolorized too often, it become dry and brittle, destroying its natural structure.  
If the coloring process is done correctly and using high-quality hair, such as kosher or virgin hair, there should be minimal damage to the natural structure of the hair. Choosing a higher quality hair type will allow you to color the wig multiple times without compromising its strength or overall quality. This cannot be guaranteed for lower quality types of hair.  
To achieve a blonde color, the hair used must be virgin. This implies that the hair has not undergone any previous chemical processing. The hair must also have its strands aligned in their natural direction from the root to the tip. This means that all hair follicles or cuticles will lie in the same direction. The hair must also be relatively thick. If the hair is too thin it may not be able to withstand heavy lightening processes.  
Since substantial efforts are required to reach desirable shades of blonde, they are typically more expensive to purchase. [insert relative price range]. The cost of labor is a component that impacts this price as well as the quality of the hair in general. In order for blonde wigs to maintain a level of durability and longevity, they must be made from the highest quality of hair. It is important to remember that purchasing a high-quality wig that is built to last should be viewed as an investment.  
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