Afro-Centric Wigs

For many, finding a hair system that mimics the texture of their biological hair is essential. At Kapenzo™ Hair, we understand that every client deserves to feel represented, which is why we offer an abundance of hair systems that cater to every type of hair.  

For our clients that are looking for Afro-centric style hair systems and medical wigs, we can help. In this article, we’ll detail some of the different styles and textures we offer and provide you with some more information to help guide you through your journey to finding the perfect wig.  
Light Yaki  
This texture provides body and movement, mimicking Afro-centric hair that has been relaxed. It can be cut, dyed, and heat styled to your liking.  
Kinky Straight
This texture offers the look and feel of hair that has been steamed or pressed without it being chemically straightened. For those who want a straight style with slightly more body and thickness than a light yaki style, kinky straight textures are an ideal choice. This hair type provide a soft, delicate, and durable texture and it can be heat styled, cut, and dyed with ease.  
Kinky Curl
A kinky straight texture is perfect for those who want natural curls and body without the hassle of tangles or need for routine maintenance. Kinky curl textures provide volume and thickness, with effortless movement to deliver an undetectable natural look and feel. These curls are looser than an afro curly style wig.
Afro Curly  
This high-density style mimics the natural tight coiled curls of Afro hair, providing exceptional volume.  
Body Wave  
A body wave wig offers a soft and natural looking wave pattern. The curls are loose but long-lasting and they can be a great option for those who do not want to style their hair daily. This is a great protective style that will deliver a beautiful look every time.  
Each of these textures are great choices for those who want or need to wear a wig and who would like to stick to something that is similar to their own hair texture.  

Full lace Afro-Centric wigs can be developed from both synthetic and human hair. At Kapenzo™ Hair, we highly recommend opting for human hair to ensure you get the most natural look out of your hair system, as well as durability and longevity. We offer hair that is sourced from a variety of regions including Brazilian, Chinese and Malaysian hair. For more information about our selection and custom options, click here.

How to Care for and Maintain your Afro-Centric Wig:
1) Use a shampoo designed to provide moisture and protection. If your wig has been dyed, ensure the shampoo is color safe.
2) Never brush the hair when wet, wait until it is dry and use a gentle brush or wide tooth comb. Excessive combing can lead to unwanted frizz, stress on the hair and potential shedding.  
3) Apply a lightweight conditioning treatment to keep the hair silky and soft
4) Avoid overuse of heat styling tools which can damage and distort the natural texture of the hair
5) Over time, your hair system may need to be repaired or touched up. Finding a reputable wig retailer, like Kapenzo™ Hair, who also offers repair services can help save you money long-term.  
If you are in need of a hair system that mimics the look of Afro-Centric hair texture, contact Kapenzo™ Hair today. We can provide you with knowledgeable advice to find the perfect look for your needs.