How to use lace wigs for your individual need.

Question 1: I have Alopecia (hair loss) and I have little to no hair. How can I wear a lace wig?

Answer 1: A lace wig is one of the best solutions to use as a hair replacement system. There are many different cap constructions and ways to apply it. One of the most common ways to apply a lace wig is with the use of medical grade adhesive (glue and/or tape). Feel free to contact us to discuss your lifestyle to determine the best option for you when choosing a lace wig.

Question 2: I am experiencing thinning and I do not want to glue my wig down. What are my options?

Answer 2: Gluing your wig down is just one option. Another is to purchase a glue-less lace wig, which is great if you want to just wear your unit (lace wig) without using any form of adhesive. Contact us if to discuss the various types available and visit our glue-less lace wigs selection for ideas.

Question 3: I am going through Chemotherapy and I need a wig.

Answer 3: It's imperative that you speak with a consultant about your options before purchasing a lace wig. During this stage, your scalp is very sensitive and within the first two treatments you may lose most or all of your hair; therefore our medical glue less lace wig with soft absorbent fabric would be ideal.

Question 4: I do not have hair loss but I would like to wear a lace wig without gluing it down.

Answer 4: That's perfectly fine. Lace wigs can be worn by those with or without Alopecia (hair loss). There are several ways to wear a lace wig without glue, one of the most common is to use clips and with the right assistance it can be integrated into your hair with a sew-in technique.

A lace wig can be tailored to your specific need. In addition, we offer in house alterations (making your wig larger or smaller) and repairs (adding hair back into your wig). We also cater to men, women and teenagers seeking to purchase a stock, special or custom lace wig, toupee hair system.

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