Custom Wigs

Perhaps you have already gotten use out of a topper or closure and you are ready for something bigger. Or maybe you have reached a point in your hair loss journey where you would like to invest in a hair system designed to your perfection.

If you are planning to take your hair system to the next level, custom wigs are the best investment.
The process of choosing exactly what you would like to order for your custom unit, however, can sometimes be an intimidating experience. Let’s make it easier with some helpful tips for ordering a custom wig.
What types of wig bases can I choose from with a custom unit?
Lace Based Wigs
Lace based wigs offer two variations to choose from; lace front or full lace. Both provide a sheer, fine layer of lace that is designed so that the scalp can be easily seen. This creates a very natural looking hairline. Lace front wigs only contain lace at the front of the wig, while the rest of the wig uses a cap that can be attached to the head using secured clips.

Monofilament Based Wigs
Monofilament material is made of a blend of nylon and looks like a cross between fine lace and mesh. These types of wigs can still take the color of your skin tone, but they are not as fine as full lace-based wigs. These tend to be the most breathable units, making them a great option for those with sensitive scalps.
What type of hair can I choose from with a custom unit?
Heat-Resistant Synthetic Hair Wigs
Synthetic hair wigs are the most affordable option of hair to choose from. They are quite durable and are relatively easy to style yourself. They are typically made from acrylic or nylon materials.

Natural Human Hair Wigs
Natural human hair wigs are the highest quality wigs you can purchase today. These wigs are made up of real human hair that has been sourced from a donor. Depending on the ethnic background of the donor, this hair could be sourced from areas such as Europe, Asia, and South America. Natural human hair wigs last longer than synthetic wigs and they feel more natural and realistic. This is precisely why they have the highest price tag. Since these wigs are made of real hair, you can style, color, cut, and customize them to your liking.

There are two subtypes of natural human hair wigs:

Virgin Hair - this is the highest quality human hair you can use for a hair system. 100% virgin hair means that the hair has not undergone any chemical processing and is from one donor. This ensures you are able to cut, style, color, and chemically alter the hair to your desire.
Remy Hair – this type of hair is typically sourced from two or more donors of Indian or Chinese descent. It is still 100% natural human hair, but unlike virgin hair, it has undergone chemical processing after being harvested from its donor.

At Kapenzo™ Hair, we recommend designing your custom unit using natural hair, as it offers increased longevity, durability, and a more natural look and feel. We offer a variety of different natural hair wigs to choose from, ranging from the most affordable to the highest quality, most expensive options:

Indian Hair
Indian hair is naturally very lustrous with a thicker texture and a straight to wavy style. It is a great, affordable option that provides a shiny and full look. What is important to note, is that Indian hair is classified as Remy, meaning that it has undergone a fair amount of chemical processing. You can expect Indian hair wigs to last anywhere from 6-10 months depending on how well it is maintained.

Chinese Hair
Since there is a larger supply of it, Chinese hair is also one of the most affordable natural hair options. This type of hair is extremely straight and shiny. It can be difficult to curl Chinese hair because of this. Chinese hair wigs typically last about 6-10 months depending on the quality of care and amount of use it gets.

Malaysian Hair
Malaysian hair is sourced from South East Asia and is considered a great mid-priced option for custom hair systems. Malaysian hair is relatively thick and coarse, and comes in a variety of darker brown to black tones. This type of hair is heavier, thicker, and more dense than Indian hair, but is still quite soft and silky.  You can expect a Malaysian hair wig to last roughly 12 months depending on how well it is maintained.

Mongolian Hair
Mongolian hair is a highly coveted wig option. 100% virgin Mongolian hair is difficult to source but well worth the price. It is very shiny and soft, more durable than Indian hair, and it is lighter in density than Chinese hair. You can expect a virgin Mongolian hair wig to last anywhere from 10-24 months depending on how well you take care of it and how often it is used.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian hair is another high-quality type of virgin natural hair. Sourced from Brazil, this type of hair is relatively thick, coarse and dense. It offers exceptional bounce and volume, while still maintaining smoothness and shine. Brazilian hair wigs typically last around 1-3 years.

European Hair
European quality hair is one of the finest natural hair materials you can select for your wig. This type of hair is 100% virgin that has been sourced from a donor of European or Anglo descent. It is typically very light, fine and silky in texture, but maintains its strength and durability. It is a popular option as it looks very smooth and effortless on the scalp. European hair is priced higher than most of our other natural hairs, as it is quite difficult to source. You can expect a European hair wig to last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on the quality of care and amount of use it gets.

Jewish-Kosher Hair and Sheitels
Jewish Kosher hair and Sheitels are one of the most expensive natural hair options, as they are the hardest to source. For hair to be classified as 100% virgin Kosher, it must meet very strict requirements under Jewish law. This hair is of the highest quality, making it appear extremely natural and built to last. You can expect a Kosher wig or Sheitel to last 2-6 years depending on the way it is cared for.

What other factors should I consider when ordering my custom wig?
You can decide how you would like your custom unit styled. From where you would like the hair parted (provided the wig base allows for it), to the amount of volume or curl you want. Styling is completely up to you.
Deciding on what length you want your hair to be comes down to personal preference. Lengths of wig hair can vary from 8 inches to 30 inches, so it really depends on the look you want to achieve.
Choosing a base color is entirely up to you. Virgin hair wigs that have not undergone any chemical processing will vary in tones, but you always have the option to color the wig to your liking.
There are also advanced color techniques that can be chosen for your custom unit.

Ombre: Typically, with an ombre style, the darker base hair color is near the roots to the middle of the hair and a transition lighter color is placed from the middle to the end of the hair.
Highlights: Strands of the hair are lightened throughout the wig that are lighter than the base color to help add depth and dimension to the hair.
Texture and Density
Since this is a personalized, custom unit, you have the option to choose the texture of the hair as well as its density. Whether you are looking for a smooth, fine, and silky look or gravitating towards a thicker, denser style, the choice is yours.

One of the best parts about ordering a custom unit is that you can select variations of density within one wig unit. For example, if you want thicker hair with more volume in the back and a lighter density in the front, you have that option.
Density is defined by a percentage when ordering your custom unit.

For an overall lighter look and feel, choosing a density of 70%-80% is a great starting point. You could also opt for a density of 75%-100% or 90%-110% and still maintain a relatively light feel. If you are experiencing hair loss, a lighter density in the front would be the ideal option.

A medium density of 120%-130% is a great option for added volume that’s not heavy while maintaining a natural look.

You can also opt for a heavier density of 140%-150%+. Many people choose this density as it can help to make your face appear smaller. Some people may also have natural hair that is quite dense, and therefore, choosing a higher wig density can help to better mimic their natural hair. Additionally, since all wigs are prone to some shedding, choosing a denser wig to start can help increase its longevity.
Cap Selection and Construction of the Wig Base
The goal of ordering a custom wig is to ensure that every aspect of the wig fits you to perfection. Therefore, the size and material of the wig is very important. At Kapenzo™ Hair, we offer over 24 different types of wig cap constructions so that you can find the perfect fit and look to compliment you. We recommend speaking to a consultant when determining exactly what cap is best suited for you.

Adding a Silk Top Base
You can choose to add a silk top base to your custom wig. This allows for an extremely natural look, as it conceals the wig knots in a way that makes them appear as if the hair is growing from the scalp.
Are there any add-on options or upgrades for my wig?
There are many upgrades and options to choose from that you can add to your wig to achieve your desired look.
Bleached Knots on Lace
Bleached knots help to make the hair on the lace wig look undetectable. When hair is attached to the lace, there are darker knots that form where the hair has been secured. By bleaching or lightening these knots, they will be less noticeable and help to make the wig look more natural.

 Additional Baby Hairs
Many units come with baby-like hairs around the perimeter of the wig, but you may want to add more of these hairs depending on your personal preference. For many, baby hairs help to make the wig look more natural.

HD Lace
High-Definition lace is one of the finest lace textures you can have on your unit. It’s lighter, softer, and less detectable than traditional lace, offering a more natural and realistic appearance. If you would like to learn more about this type of wig material, you can find our article here.
What are the overall benefits of ordering a custom wig compared to a stock wig that is ready to ship?

  • It fits your head perfectly since the unit is customized to you
  • You can choose different variations in the density of the wig, which is not possible on a ready-to-ship unit
  • You have endless choice in the quality of hair, length, cap construction, etc.

Are there any other tips that might be helpful when considering a custom hair system?

  • Determine the look you want to achieve. Find hair styles that appeal to you and decide on the overall look you are going for. Perhaps you are experiencing sudden hair loss and your goal is to find a custom unit with a very natural scalp that helps you to feel like your old self. Be sure to communicate this information to your consultant.
  • All questions are important. Ordering a custom wig can often be an intimidating experience. Take advantage of your consultation and ask any and all questions you may have. Every question is valid.
  • Determine a price point. You should never purchase a unit you are not 100% satisfied with, nor should you leave with a wig you feel guilty about buying. Aside from laying out exactly what you want in your custom unit, ensure you have a budget that you are committed to sticking to when placing an order so that you can work together with your consultant to decide on the perfect piece that best fits your needs.

When ordering your custom wig unit you should ensure you are working with a reputable and knowledgeable retailer. Kapenzo™ Hair is a well established, successful boutique that specializes in delivering quality, custom wigs. Contact Kapenzo™ Hair today via phone at 1-888-875-9899, through our website, or via email at, to book your free, no-obligation consultation.