Kapenzo Hair™ and The Lace Wigs Store Affiliate Program

Calling All Influencers!

Kapenzo Hair™ and The Lace Wigs Store are looking for some fresh faces to join our new Brand Ambassador Affiliate Program. If you are eager to help people who are experiencing hair loss or you have previous knowledge and experience with different hair systems, we would love to hear from you. By joining our affiliate program and becoming a brand ambassador for Kapenzo Hair™ and The Lace Wigs Store, you will be able to grow and earn with us every step of the way.

The Benefits of Joining our Affiliate Program:

  • It is entirely free and simple to join.
  • It is a great opportunity for you to test some of our fabulous products out.
  • It offers you a chance to be featured on our growing social media platforms, where you can gain further exposure for your personal channel.
  • You’ll be rewarded with a commission of 5%-10% for every qualified* sale completed using your referral link or code.
    • A *qualified sale is any sale that was purchased with a processed valid payment and that has not been returned or purchased fraudulently.
  • Affiliates who secure the highest annual sales will also have an opportunity to explore further partnerships with Kapenzo Hair™ and The Lace Wigs Store

Ideal Qualities of a Brand Ambassador:

  • You have a minimum of 2000 followers on Instagram and preferably 1000+ followers on YouTube.
  • The content you produce is related to hair or beauty, and you have experience wearing and styling different wigs and hair systems.
  • You are committed to growing your social media platforms as well as ours.
  • You are excited to create regular new content on Instagram, IGTV, and YouTube for us.

Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador:

  • Post at least 2 Instagram feed posts per month, and 1 Instagram story, tagging @KapenzoHair and mentioning The Lace Wigs Store in each. You must include any relevant product information, referral codes, or links within these posts.
  • Post at least 1 Instagram highlight story section on your profile using the title “Kapenzo Hair”, where you can feature all relevant stories related to Kapenzo Hair™ and The Lace Wigs Store products.
  • Post at least 1 original, unique video per month for IGTV or YouTube.
    • YouTube content must clearly outline Kapenzo Hair™ and The Lace Wigs Store's product information, as well as include any relevant referral codes or links within the video and/or description box.
    • Content for IGTV will require you to tag @KapenzoHair and mention The Lace Wigs Store, while including any additional information about our products mentioned in the video. You must also ensure any referral codes or links are included in your caption.
  • Write 1 product review on The Lace Wigs Store website that is at least 100 words.

Interested in this exciting opportunity?

All applicants must email info@kapenzohair.com with the subject “Affiliate Program” to be considered for this opportunity. 

This email should include all relevant information stated below:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • The country you currently reside in
  • The state/province/region you currently reside in
  • Instagram account
  • YouTube account
  • *Optional* any additional social media platforms (Facebook profile, Blog URL)
  • *Optional* a desired referral code you would like to use (must be within 10 letters and numbers, no additional symbols)
  • Please state the reason(s) why you think you would be a great fit for our affiliate program.