The Journey to Buying a Wig for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very traumatic experience to go through. It can feel as if a piece of who you are has been taken from you.  

Hair loss can be gradual or sudden, but neither are an easy loss to deal with. For so many people, your hair is a part of your identity. It helps to compliment your overall character, and on days when we don’t feel our best, sometimes a good hair day can be the confidence booster we need. Losing one’s hair can cause tremendous distress, and these emotional effects can cause further fear when one is also forced to consider what they will need to do to protect their scalp and adjust to their new way of life. For some, losing your hair can also serve as an identifier to the outside world, signaling that you are a sick person rather than a healthy person. Losing your hair often feels like losing your security blanket, and it is a feeling that can never be fully understood unless someone has experienced it first-hand.  

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or alopecia, worries surrounding what will happen to your hair can become overwhelming. Determining the right solution for your hair loss can be a daunting task, and if you decide to go with a hair system such as a wig, the process can be even more intimidating.  

There are hundreds of beauty and wig supply shops available, but so many fail to provide adequate information about their products. Many are also only accessible online, which can make the process that much more difficult. When you are experiencing traumatic hair loss, you want to feel secure going to a reputable place that is sensitive to your personal situation. You want someone who is knowledgeable about what products and hair solutions are going to meet your needs, and most importantly, you want to feel seen and heard without being pitied.

For a lot of our clients, the start of their hair loss journey made them feel scared and alone. They weren’t sure how to cope with this drastic new change in their life, and the thought of investing a lot of money into a high-quality hair system seemed overwhelming to them at the time. We have encountered this type of story many times at Kapenzo™ Hair. People experiencing the onset of hair loss often jump to accessible, well-known websites such as Amazon, to purchase a quick and affordable wig option before really considering what they need. These affordable hair systems are typically made from synthetic hair and there are limited options of styles and textures. Sometimes a synthetic hair system purchased in this way can be worth it, but more often than not, it fails to look natural and doesn’t seem to provide much longevity. What we try to convey to our clients, is that it is better to invest more money into a hair system initially that is customized for you, rather than go through multiple purchases of products over time that simply do not meet your needs. Working with an educated professional can make all the difference. Through our personal consultations at Kapenzo™ Hair, we are able to determine exactly what you need based on your head shape, size, and and overall idea of what you wish to achieve through your appearance. This is something that online stores and mass retailers like Amazon simply cannot provide.  
At Kapenzo™ Hair, we specialize in making sure each and every client we serve gets the proper support that they deserve. Our approach is to always listen to you and ensure that your ideas and fears are acknowledged before we suggest what products would suit you best. By offering personalized, private consultations, our clients feel more secure and comfortable in discussing their ideas for their perfect hair system. Our goal is to bring your hair vision to life so you are left with a personalized unit that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. We always want to make sure our clients leave Kapenzo™ Hair feeling safe, secure, and empowered.  
We also encourage our clients to do what they need to feel most comfortable at their appointment. For many, this means bringing a support network of friends or family to help them through their appointment. This often eases the anxiety around making decisions for our clients, and it brings them much closer to finding the perfect hair system.

At Kapenzo™ Hair, we offer clients the opportunity to work with us on and offline. We have increased our online presence substantially over the years, making it easy for clients to interact and reach out to us in a way they are most comfortable with. If a client does not want to come into our boutique or they simply live too far to do so, we can provide a full service to them virtually. Our virtual consults can be conducted by video or voice call, because we understand the importance of honoring one’s privacy. Our consultants and staff are also highly skilled in product knowledge and customer service, because we believe in building trust with our clientele from the start. Our personalized approach will leave you feeling educated, secure, and confident in your purchase.  
Since Kapenzo™ Hair specializes in offering medical hair systems as a solution to those suffering from illnesses such as cancer and alopecia, we have been able to remain open during the current Covid-19 pandemic. We believe that finding a reputable and reliable retailer to help you through your hair loss journey shouldn’t be difficult. We have also worked diligently to ensure our boutique environment is calm and inviting for all. This means that unlike many wig shops, we do not display a vast amount of products. We also limit the amount of people within the store, to make sure your privacy is always protected.  

In addition to helping clients find the right hair system for their needs, our goal at Kapenzo™ Hair is to work towards breaking the stigma surrounding hair loss and wearing a wig. All women deserve to feel beautiful, regardless of how that beauty is defined. A wig can be a powerful tool to encourage greater self-love and empowerment, and you should never feel ashamed to wear one. Through our appointment process, we help women to feel more secure and confident in who they are, encouraging them to be less fearful of how others may view or judge their appearance. Part of our job at Kapenzo™ Hair is to normalize hair loss and inspire our clients to do whatever they need to feel beautiful.