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Lace Wig Affiliate Program

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to increase your revenue stream? Perhaps you are a customer of ours that is interested in becoming our spokes model? If so, we welcome you to join our affiliate program!

There are two different aspects of our program:

The first aspect is for individuals seeking to earn extra income per month by advertising the brand through families and friends. The sale acquisition  commission is 3% and payments are made once a week. 

The second is for professional affiliates that would advertise the brand at a larger scale such as via YouTube, blogs and social marketing sites.

The commission is based the quantity of sales made per month and the payments are made once a week.

2 sale leads per week and/or month - 6% from the price of the full lace wig  

4 sale leads per week and/or month - 9% from the price of the full lace wig  

6 sale leads per week and/or month - 12% from the price of the full lace wig 

 Once you've surpassed the first 2 sales marks, you'll be making a 9% commission of any additional sale up to the 4 sale leads per week and/or month mark. This is the same structure from 4 sales to 6 sales. 


You will not be provided with a reduced priced or free lace wig until you have proven your skills and advertising ability to generate sales. Once you have generated 2 sale leads (resulted in successfully sales of a full lace wig), we will begin to reconsider and restructure the commission based system and pricing to encourage your success!

All interested candidates can submit their proposal to Abi at

We look forward to working with you!


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