Tips On Wig Hair Textures

Natural Straight:On the go often? This natural straight texture will help you conquer the day without much fuss! 

Kinky Straight: The natural hair person will appreciate a wig with an automatic pressed look and feel that will last for months to come. 

Light Yaki: This texture mimics the appearance of permed African American hair. 

Natural Wavy & Body Wave: Choose these textures for a beach look with a bit of body and mild frizz. 

Deep Wave: A more defined wave that can be manipulated with curling rods to define into a curl pattern. 

Curly & Spanish Curl: The adventurous person will love a tight "c" curl that can be define with products along with scrunching the hair upwards with your hand. Pack some patience for taming frizz, tangles and defining your curls. 

Afro & Kinky Curl: Love the bounce and abundance of thick and healthy curls? Go natural with this African American curly hair texture.