Hair Replacement and Lace Wigs

The Relation between Lace Wigs and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

The hair replacement industry is experiencing a shift from medical classified hair systems to lace wigs and lace hairpieces that ordinary consumers wear. If you’re not familiar with the concept of lace wigs, then this short article will help you begin to understand the product discussed.

Lace wigs are developed from a very thin fabric called a lace. There are two types of units, full lace and lace front also known as front lace wigs. The full lace hair systems are developed entirely from lace, where the hair is knotted to appear as through its coming out of your own scalp. Whereby lace front (also known as front lace) units are a bit different because the front is developed from lace and the back is machine made. Front lace (or lace front) wigs are not as versatile as full lace units meaning you can’t do as many styles such as up-dos, but with full lace wigs you can just about style it in any way you choose. In addition, these units can be worn temporary or permanently for a period of 2-6 weeks. You can sleep, swim and workout in them while its attached to your skin. The application of the unit depends on your preference and needs.

  It’s clear that an undetectable system such as a lace wig is becoming the number one option for individuals experiencing hair loss. The number one reason being its ability to appear 100% natural and undetectable to the naked eye and the second attractive feature is affordability.

Whether we’re in the recession or coming out of it, money seems to be a delicate issue when it comes to one’s hair and appearance. The hair replacement industry is flooded with large corporations that seem to gouge their customers for units developed from synthetic fibre. The most common price range is anywhere from $700-$5000. $700 can simply be for a synthetic “medical classified” hair system developed in the USA that may only last for a year given that the customer does not intend on wearing it rigorously. A $5000 unit can be one that is actually developed from 100% donor hair and is constructed from lace. This is what the rest of the world calls a lace wig. The reality is people fall into the most common trap when they are seeking a hair replacement unit. This is classification. Once they hear that their unit is a medical hair system, they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to wherever their physician refers them to.  

In fact the Jewish community will fall into the same trap, which is they believe that the hair they buy from Jewish establishments are Kosher and will pay up to $30 000 for the same unit that they can retrieve at a lace wig boutique for less than $1000. Sadly, some of these establishments will actually sell Remy hair units at the price of Virgin hair due to a number of reasons.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to generic Alopecia, a health condition, surgery, hereditary or any other reason and you’re seeking a hair system that will suit your budget and lifestyle while still appearing natural, then your best bet would be to contact a Kapenzo Hair lace wig and non-surgical hair replacement boutique. The beauty of lace wigs is that they can be developed in any cap construction. This means that you can have one custom made to your preference at a modest budget and generally in less than a month!  

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