Mar 14, 2020

Dear Customers,

At The Lace Wigs Store & Kapenzo™ Hair, we want to partner with you to help you with your immediate need for a wig and/or hair system; therefore we’re working hard to keep our locations safe and clean as possible. This includes ensuring our products are assembled, packaged and shipped to you in a clean and safe environment. Your well-being and the well-being of our team members is our #1 priority.

Effective today, in-store pick-up & international orders placed online at or over the phone will be shipped directly to your home/location. Please contact us to receive a list of our ready to purchase stock wigs.

Consultations for returning customers are available via email, WhatsApp, text, telephone and video call. 

New consultations are available with a limit of two people including the individual seeking to purchase a unit. We ask that all customers reschedule if they are feeling sick or have been sick within the last 72 hours. 

Customers accompanied by their children are always welcome. However if your child is showing symptoms of a cold, flu or virus (runny nose, cough and sneezing) we ask that they remain home during your appointment.  

Questions & Answers:

Question: "I have alopecia and order custom wigs from you guys all the time due to my small head size. I recently ordered one before the world shut down. Will I still receive it as expected?"

Answer: Yes those of you that ordered a new custom wig prior to March 14th will receive it within the expected time frame. We will update you regularly. Any new custom orders, processed after March 14th may suffer a significant delay due to the state of the world during Covid-19.

Question: "Am I able to still order stock wigs and have them shipped to me even-though our borders are closed?"

Answer: There are certain country restrictions in place. If you are an international customer outside of North America, please contact us prior to placing an order. Currently we have been able to ship within North America and limited countries in other continents.

Question: "Do you still have adhesives for sale?"

Answer: We have a limited supply of adhesives available for sale

Question: "Could there be a shortage of wigs available for sale in the world and do you have any that can be shipped out right away?"

Answer: Yes there is a possibility of a shortage; therefore we recommend that you purchase what you can and within your means to avoid panic or disappointment. Yes we do have stock wigs that can be shipped out immediately.

Question: "If I order today, when do I receive it?"

Answer: "We aim to have your order delivered via FREE express shipping upgrade in 1-2 days with ready to ship stock and within 1 week for special orders. We ask that you remain at home to receive your order shipment; due to the new contact-less shipping policy implemented by many couriers.

Question: "I'm in Toronto, can I come pick up the wig at the store?"

Answer: At this present time, we are following safety measures for Covid-19. Therefore, we are offering same day or next day delivery for pick up orders in the GTA.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe and healthy!


The Lace Wigs Store & Partner Team

Toll Free/Text: 1-888-875-9899 

Local/International: 1-416-619-7846 

WhatsApp: 1-203-987-5551