Sheitel and Lace Wig Training Course

Sponsor Toronto Wig Presents...


Perfect Your Sheitel and Lace Wig! 

We know your wig needs to look PERFECT which is why Toronto Wig School is offering you with this amazing opportunity! 

Why Take This Course? 
- Save money 
- Add more or less hair to your wig or completely change it all at once (including making wefts) 
- Add more hair to your invisible part or silk parting 
- Do your own repairs 
- Reduce the number of Sheitel wigs you order yearly 
- Repair for your friends and family and save thousands of dollars 
- We will teach you intensive hands repair techniques by a master technician 
This is a 2 Day weekend workshop with flexible dates and hours. This includes a full kit worth $200 so you can begin repairing immediately and make your own wefts. 



LEARN one of the best kept secrets and start or expand your wig repair company. This is an amazing opportunity to get hands on training on developing a lace system (also known as a lace wig) and a complete hair system! This course is 90% technical with extensive training by master technicians. 

You will be trained with the latest materials used to develop several types of hair systems and lace wigs including Sheitel wigs. Learn how to develop custom Canadian made hair systems that you can sell for up to $10,000. 

We bare all and tell all. Everything you need to know and want will be disclosed to you. 

In addition, we want to ensure that you gain as much possible therefore the course is conducted in a small private class or just you. The choice is yours! 

NO secrets or information will be kept from you during this course; everything you want or need to know will be disclosed to you. Learn in a small private class containing just a few pupils, or 1 to 1 with just yourself and the Tutor, the choice is yours! 

As part of this course, we provide: 

- Your wigmaker kit valued at $500 which includes a lace cap, 150 grams of the best quality Remy hair, needle, holder, canvas, head, drawing matt, template materials, training hair, parting patterns, a booklet and much more! 
- An opportunity for a mini retake if necessary within the same year 
- Email support for 6 months 
- Your own Toronto Wig School Certificate! 

HERE IS...a sneak peak on the course syllabus: 
-How to tell the difference between Remy/cuticle hair and non Remy hair. 
-How to prepare hair from raw bundles into single or double drawn bundles. 
-Hair preparation, hair blending, percentages and how to achieve natural highlights 
-Latest chemicals used for detangling hair 
-Different foundations of the lace wig cap, construction, mixing materials for ANY hair system (according to your clients coverage and lifestyle needs) 
-Matching the lace to skin colour, for: invisibility, texture, volume and, colour of the hair. 


The length of the course is 4 days (up to 8 hours a day) with a total of 32 hours. 

COST: $4000 + TAX