Adhesives (glue & tape)

Medically Safe Adhesives 

Below are proven medically safe adhesives there were developed for the application of lace wigs, hair pieces and toupees.
 Studies have proven that they are not harmful to the skin or body and are medically safe for pregnant women, children and the environment. However, although they have manufactured for safe administration, every individual skin is different. Therefore, we recommended that you test ANY adhesive on your skin for a period of 24 hours to ensure that you're not allergic to the product or any of the ingredients used to manufacture it. 

 Feel free to contact us if you require further clarification.

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  • Knot My Problem
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    Knot My Problem

    Knot sealer! Safe and water-based, (NO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS!) applied by a mist-sprayer. (4 oz. container) Directions: Invert lace base to expose knots. Shake sealer contents well, hold bottle upright and aim at lace-base. Spritz on Knot Sealer using mist pump being careful not to allow excess sealer to penetrate into hair. Blow dry. Repeat as needed. (TWO COATS RECOMMENDED) Creates a long-lasting invisible seal that is permanently flexible! (Can be removed using remover)

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  • Lace Wig Serum
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    Lace Wig Serum

    Exclusive Lace Wig Serum: A high-grade silicone-oil designed specifically to manage and keep your lace wigs frizz, tangle and damage free. Excellent with natural and synthetic hair to detangle, remove frizz and maintain manage shiny, glamorous hair.

    Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethycone,  Phenyltrimenthycone, Hydolized Wheat Protein, Fragrance 

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  • Lace Front Wig Application Kit
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    Lace Front Wig Application Kit

    Our lace front wig application kit includes:

    1. Skin shield

    2. Secure adhesive 0.5oz

    3. Lace Front Strips (36 pieces in one bag)

    3. Pure Citrus remover

    4. Lace wig serum

    5. Special instructions

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  • Full Lace Wig Application Kit
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    Full Lace Wig Application Kit

    Our full lace wig application kit includes:

    1. Skin shield,

    2. Silicone secure adhesive 1.1oz

    3. True blue or Super tape 3 yard roll

    4. Lace front strips (36 pieces in one bag)

    5. Pure Citrus remover

    6. Lace wig serum

    7. Special instructions

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  • Stop-Shine-Dab
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    NEW! Stop ShineTM

    Apply adhesive tape or glue to scalp, as usual. Shake STOP Shine bottle well. Dab STOP Shine directly onto top surface of adhesive tape or glue, then rub vigorously over entire shiny surface. until STOP Shine starts to dry. When STOP Shine is dry--it dries "tacky", press wig base or hairpiece base onto "dulled" adhesive surface.

    STOP Shine can also be used to refresh the hold on worn tapes or glues between fittings.

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  • Walker-tape-1.4oz-Ultra-Hold-With-Brush
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    1.4oz Ultra Hold glue with brush 

    • Waterproof Acrylic based with a 3-6 week hold. 
    • This adhesive is the leading standard for soft bonds.
    • It is famous for its long hold times.
    • Has a clear non-yellowing formula that is used extensively in the medical industry.
    • Not recommended for sensitive skin.
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  • Walker-Tape-Citrus-Ultra-Hold-Remover-4oz
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    C-22 Citrus-Base Remover 

    • C-22 is a quick acting citrus-based cleaner for scalp and hair systems. 
    • Has a fresh smelling citrus fragrance that is easy to clean up with soap and water.
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  • Walker-Tape-Skin-Protector-Spray-2oz
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    Scalp Protector Spray

    • Forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from adhesives and tapes. 
    • Also improves adhesion, and duration of bonds.
    • Works great in hot and humid weather conditions.
    • Great for customers who place sports or have oily skin.
    • It may also be applied to hair systems to improve cleanup.

    *2 fl oz (59 ml) Spray Bottle (shown)

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  • Kapenzo Hair Systems Catalogue
    • 50% less

    Kapenzo Hair Systems Catalogue

    Kapenzo™ Hair Systems Catalogue is 40 pages long and Includes the following Information:

    • Intro
    • About Kapenzo™
    • Cap Styles
    • Guide Charts
    • African American Hair
    • Dark & Lovely
    • Love My Curls
    • Give Me Some Color
    • Fiery Colors
    • Legally Blonde
    • It’s All Gaga
    • Short and Sassy
    • Sophistication and Style
    • Human Lace Front Wigs
    • Glue-less Lace Wigs
    • Synthetic Lace Front Wigs  & Full Lace Wigs
    • Weddings & Special Occasions
    • Ombre & Tow-Tone Lace Wigs
    • Celebrity Exclusive
    • Custom Lace Wigs
    • Women’s Toppers & Hair  Pieces
    • Senior’s Wigs & Hair Systems
    • Men’s Custom Hair System
    • Boy’s Wigs & Hair Systems
    • Girl’s Wigs & Hair Systems
    • Hair Accessories
    • Measurement Guides & Forms
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  • Velvet-Wig-Bands
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    Wig bands are a great option to keep your wig secure on your head.

    Velvet wig band with lace in the front

    Thick and soft on skin

    Can be used on hair or no hair

    Great for those who want extra protection 

    Velcro adjustable straps to accommodate different head sizes


    Available in brown and black

    Only 10 left in stock
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  • TRUE-BLUE Lace Tape: 3/4" X 12 yards
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    TRUE-BLUE Lace Tape: 3/4" X 12 yards

    TRUE BLUE: 12-Yard Roll. 

    • A clear, double-sided tape with an aggressive hold and a white liner.
    • This tape boasts a matte finish on both side.
    • The 3/4" x 12-yard roll is compact and easily transported in purse or briefcase.
    • Holds for 30 days.
    • Great for sensitive skin.
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