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Keraplant Hair Loss Treatment



KERAPLANT is a specific range of treatments designed to limit excessive hair loss normalizing hair shedding to the normal physiological level.    This is achieved by means of improving the microcirculation of the scalp.

Every hair goes through a cycle that lasts from 3 to 7 years and ends with a normal physiological shedding making way for the new hair to grow.    The number of hairs that fall at a particular time is from 10 to 50 a day and varies from person to person and according to the time of the year even in the same person.    However when there is excessive shedding and the new hair does not replace it the result is alopecia (hair loss).


Factors giving rise to hair loss:

Genetic disposition


Diet/nutrition errors

Environmental (external pollution or internally ingested toxins e.g. through smoking, drugs, pharmaceuticals etc.)


Hormonal imbalance

Seasonally induced activity of the scalp functions

Nutritional Factors  

      Protein deficiency

       Lack of sulpho amino acids

Lack of vitamins, zinc and iron


It has been established that one of the causes of hair loss is due to the fact that the hair follicle progressively becomes harder because of lack of nourishment and oxygenation eventually resulting in suffocation of the bulb.and atrophy of the hair follicle.


Diagnosis of abnormalities in the scalp

Sparseness of hairs on the scalp

Capillaries can be seen indicating that the dermis has become thinner.   

The scalp feels rigid to the touch and it is also dry and flakes off easily


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Keraplant hair loss treatment
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